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College Moving – Cleaning Out High School Stuff

College Moving Made… Easier

college-movingIt’s surely one of the most satisfying and scary moments of any parent’s lives – that precious moment when your child’s just finished high school for good. All those memories, all the achievements, victories, birthday presents, family photographs, passing phases and quite possibly embarrassing trends that they’d rather not be reminded of years down the line. And it’s an exciting time too, knowing that they have a fresh, new opportunity on the line that’ll be the biggest change in their lives – college.

Moving to college is daunting enough as it is without worrying about school storage and college moving. It marks the move to true independence and maturity – well, for some it does, anyway. And after all those high school years, it’s a fresh break. What to take? What to leave behind, what to throw away?

Cleaning out high school stuff might be emotional, but you don’t need to add the physical strain to your labors. You’ve got enough to worry about without having to take on that extra burden!

Complete College Moving Servicescollege-moving-service

Store4Summer has been providing exceptional professional shipping and storage services since 2004. We cover just about everything you could think of – college moving, college storage, college boxes and college shipping. If your babies are finally making that jump to fly the nest, we’re on hand to make the transition that much easier for you. We’ll even supply the tissues and handkerchiefs.

It’s a simple process too. You can arrange college moving and college shipping through our site or over the phone. The first step is to sign up at Store4Summer online, entering in your relevant contact details. Then, you’ll need to pick up your storage or shipping supplies – we have a huge range of corrugated, re-inforced boxes to suit just about any furniture you could think of, and if you have your own boxes, well, that’s fine with us too. Once you’ve got everything packed and secured, get in touch with us to arrange a convenient time to pick up your boxes.

We offer college storage and college shipping – we’ll happily keep those first necessary essentials secured away for your summer so that you needn’t worry about lugging everything around by yourself, or filling up your home with boxes on boxes. We’re cheap, and we can also offer flat rate discounted prices per semester for larger storage requirements. When you’re ready, all it takes to get your things delivered and shipped is to get in touch with us, and arrange a time that suits you to move all your stuff to your desired location.

We at Store4Summer make the process of college moving and college storage a doddle. It’s easy, cheap and convenient. Even if you want to store away those precious memories, to bring them out and reminisce (or for the embarrassment opportunities further down the line), our warehouse accommodates for absolutely anything. There’s nothing we can’t store, and our rates are the best around. Unlike other shipping and storage companies, we don’t charge by confusing measurements and dimensional requirements. With Store4Summer, it’s easy, quick, and reliable.

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