Amazingly Simple

Up to 8 Boxes, 1 simple price. We pick up, store and deliver. Got bigger items? We handle that too! Join 1000's of satisfied college students!

Storing Your Stuff for Summer Has Never Been So Easy!

Reserve Online

The first step is to sign up and reserve your storage space online. Once you sign up you will be directed to your my profile page, where you can set or update pick-up and delivery times as well as add storage items that don’t fit in a box.

Get Supplies & Pack

Once you have reserved your space, you can stop by one of our On Campus Locations to pick up your included All in One supply kit or arrange for us to deliver a kit to you. This kit includes, multiple sizes of boxes, tape, and label pouches.

Schedule Pick-Up

Using your All in One supply kit, fill your boxes (54 lb. limit per box). Once you’re all packed up and ready to go, schedule a pickup online. We’ll pick up directly from your dorm room/apartment.

Pick Storage or Shipping

We not only store your items but can also ship them to your desired location. Make sure your items are clearly labeled for STORAGE or SHIPPING when we pick-up. Shipping costs are about $1.50 – $2.50 / lb. Find out more about shipping prices here.

Schedule Delivery

When you figure out housing, schedule a delivery date online. We will deliver your items back to your dorm/apartment when it’s convenient for you – just as you turned them in – Guaranteed! Each box is backed with $100 insurance included in the price with options for additional coverage.

Enjoy summer & leave the heavy lifting to us!

Reserve Your Storage Spot Today

$224 / Flat
  • Includes:
  • Summer Storage
  • Up to 8 Boxes
  • Supplies
  • Pickup
  • Delivery
  • $100 Insurance on each box

What Other Things Can Store4Summer Help You With?

Our years of research shows that 90% of college students storage needs are met with our $224 All-in-One package. For that other 10%, we take care of that too!

Things That Can’t Fit Into a Box

We will pick-up, store and delivery any of your items that can’t fit in a box too. We have simplified pricing based on the size of the item that you can check out here. Simply enter in the additional storage items in your My Account page after signing up & logging in and we will send you a separate invoice.

Shipping Your Boxes Home

We are happy to store some items and ship others or any and every mix. We’ve helped with just about every configuration imaginable. Make sure the items you want sent UPS are labeled to be shipped and items you want stored are labeled storage.

Moving from Dorm to Dorm to Apartment

We can move you from dorm to dorm to apartment. Our movers have vast experience and are extremely reliable. We have helped hundreds of College students move. Although we would love to set a simplified price, this pricing varies based on a number of factors. Contact us for a quote.

Or contact us if you have questions.