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College Boxes for Storage

Types of College Boxes

As a college student you have undoubtedly accumulated a lot of stuff.  Not all of these things need to make the return trip home with you, which is why we offer college students the ideal location to store their college boxes.  Through the years we have seen many different packing styles, while they may seem like a good idea to you, they are not the best method for packing your belongings.  Below we have created a list of do’s and don’ts when it comes to properly packing your college storage boxes.


Bad College Boxes Packing Techniques:

  • Garbage Bags – While it may seem like an easy and inexpensive method to use, it is not the best when it comes to keeping your items secure.  Garbage bags tear and do not provide the stability that boxes do.
  • Not Packing – This method may seem ideal if you do not care about what happens to your stuff, but it is not the most cost-effective method to use.
  • Not Properly Taping – Packing tape was designed to provide your college boxes storage with the stability and strength they need to ensure that your belongings stay inside the box.  Neglecting to tape the bottom of the box will only lead to frustration and the loss of your items.
  • Not Labeling – Not properly labeling your boxes will lead to you spending more time than necessary trying to figure out what is inside your student summer storage boxes.  Labeling your college boxes is a time saving technique that will make unpacking much easier when you return to school.
  • Multiple Names – While you may live with roommates, it is highly suggested that you only use one name when labeling a box.  This will help ensure that they end up with the right person.  It is also important that you avoid packing more than one room’s items in each of your student storage boxes.
  • Heavy Boxes – Packing your college boxes so that they weigh more than someone you have dated is clearly a bad idea.  While it may seem logical to you to pack all of your books in one large box, it is not the best technique to use.


Good College Boxes Storage Packing Techniques:

  • Weight Distribution – When packing all of your student summer storage boxes, it is highly recommended that you evenly distribute the weight.  This will help keep you from overloading boxes and making them too heavy to move.
  • Proper Use Of Tape – Properly taping both the bottom and top of your boxes will help ensure that everything inside stays inside.
  • Proper Use Of Labels – Labeling your boxes in the proper manner will help you waste time when your return to school searching for your DVD collection.  Each college box that you use should be clearly labeled as to what is contained inside.
  • Pack Everything – When packing your college boxes for storage it is recommended that you not leave anything behind.  Many students will choose to leave items that they believe they will not need next year.  This is not a good idea, if you feel that you will not need a particular item, you should either donate it or throw it away.

To find out more about how our storage services can help you prepare when you leave school, contact us today and we will be more than happy to discuss the different storage options that we have available for you.  We also offer all of the packing supplies that you will need to ensure that your belongings are properly packed.

Packing to leave college for the summer can be overwhelming for some, but if you follow the packing tips that we have listed above the process should be much easier and less stressful.  We highly recommend that you use boxes that are of the highest quality possible.  This will ensure that when they are stacked for storage, that your college boxes will not be crushed.  It is also highly suggested that you do not choose boxes that are bigger than what you actually need.  This will help avoid any open space on top that can lead your college boxes to cave in when something is placed on top of them.

A properly packed box should be packed in such a way that the weight of the contents inside is evenly distributed.  This will make them easier for you to move and also easier to store.  If something inside is fragile, the box should clearly state that on the outside.  This will help ensure that you are careful when placing anything on top of it and that the proper care will be taken when storing this particular box.  It is also recommended that if you are packing anything that may leak, that you place it inside a plastic bag prior to packing.  This will help ensure that everything inside of your college box will remain dry and free of damage.

It is also good to have a variety of different sized boxes at your disposal when packing.  This will allow you to pack large bedding and pillows with ease, while keeping your dishes and other items in a box that will not allow them to move around during transport.  Not all boxes are created equal; you should determine your packing needs and choose boxes accordingly.

If you are unsure as to the type of packing materials you may need, simply contact us and we can provide you with all of the information you need to make sure that your move is as successful and stress free as possible.  Contact us at any time to find out more about the type of storage services we offer.  We have reasonable rates that will make storing your items much more affordable than trying to take them all back home with you.  We understand that packing your college boxes for summer storage can be somewhat of an overwhelming task; this is why we make it as easy on you as possible.  Contact us today to find out more about how we can help you.

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