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College Storage

How to use your School Storage Boxes:

College Storage Simplified

College students accumulate a lot of stuff while away at school.  This leaves many students wondering where to put it all and how to properly utilize college storage.  We have a solution for college students who have accumulated more stuff than they have room for in their dorms.  Our services also provide you with the ability to store your excess items over the summer while you are back at home.

You are no longer required to pile your car with boxes and bags simply to go home for the summer.  By storing your items with us, all you need to do is pack them up at the end of the year and leave the rest to us.  College storage has never been as easy as it is today.  Storing your items until you return to school is also a great way to avoid paying the high fees that airlines now charge for extra bags.

Contact us today to find out how our services and products can help make your next summer move much easier and affordable than your last.


How to Use Your College Storage Boxes

There are many ways in which you can use your college storage boxes to ensure that your belongings are safe until you return.  We have put together some of the best ways that you can put our boxes to work for you:

  • Clothing – It’s amazing how much clothing a person can accumulate while away at school.  To help alleviate the stress of having to pack all of your extra clothes and carry them all home, we highly suggest storing the clothing that you will not need to take with you.  This can include your winter clothes, extra clothing or other seasonal items that will not be needed when you return home.
  • Shoes – You never really know how many shoes you have until you have pack for the end of the year.  Shoes take up a lot of valuable space, especially those that are designed for winter use.  To help free up some space and reduce the amount of heavy boxes that you need to move, university storage is the best solution to this problem.  Pack away the shoes you will not need until you return to school, they’ll be safe and look as good as the day you packed them when you return.
  • Books – Books are the one thing that every college student needs.  But trudging those books between home and school can be very troublesome.  This is another great reason why you should consider school storage.  When packing your books for storage, we highly recommend that you spread them out between other boxes that you will be placing in storage.  This helps evenly distribute the weight instead of creating two boxes that weigh 400 pounds.
  • Bedding – If you already have bedding at home, there is probably no need for you to pack your school bedding and take it home.  School storage allows you to pack all of your bedding items into one of our XL sized boxes for use when you return to school.  Don’t take up valuable space in your car with unneeded bedding.
  • Kitchen Stuff – While you may not be a chef, you have undoubtedly accumulated a lot of kitchen items.  These items can include plates, silverware, pans and everything else that you may keep in your kitchen.  To keep these items safe until you return, university storage allows you to pack all of these items that you won’t need at home.  When packing your dishes and glasses, we suggest that you use bubble wrap or newspaper to help keep them from breaking during transport.
  • Private Stuff – While you’ve been away at school you may have expanded your horizons.  We won’t judge you; we don’t know why some of the boxes we pick up vibrate or exude a particular odor.  We will not question what you have placed in university storage, just rest assured that whatever items you place in our care will still be there when you return to school.  And you will not have to worry about someone stumbling across something that you would have rather kept private.
  • Shipping – Not all of the boxes that you acquire from us are designed only for storage.  While packing to leave school, you may have some items that you would like to ship home rather than pay extra to take on the plane or crowd your car.  Sometimes having extra boxes on hand can come in handy, not just for college storage but also for shipping.
  • Good Karma – As anyone who has ever had to pack at the end of the year can attest, boxes are a hot commodity.  If you have extra boxes after you are done packing your belongings for university storage, share them among others who may have not planned as well as you have.

Packing for the summer can be somewhat of an overwhelming task, especially if this is your first time.  If you have not planned properly or purchased enough boxes or tape, don’t worry you can always stop boy our on-campus location to pick up more.  You can also call us 202- 625-2693 to find out more about how our services can be beneficial to your storage needs.

To begin the school storage process there are some simple things that you should do to ensure that you have everything you need.

  • Sign Up – This is by far the easiest of the steps you need to take.
  • Get Supplies – We have everything you need to properly pack your items for shipping or college storage.
  • Schedule Pickup – Once you have packed everything you need to store, simply call us and we will pick it up.
  • Print Your Labels – This is an important step; properly labeling all of your boxes will help make it easier when you begin to unpack.
  • Pack Your Boxes – Packing all of your items can be time consuming, but it will make it easier when you return.
  • Be OnSite for Pickup – This is an important step, by being present when your items are begin picked up, you can ensure that everything is picked up that you intended to store.
  • Schedule Delivery – Scheduling the delivery date of your items will ensure that everything is delivered to you when you return to school.
  • Delivery to Your New Home – If you are not planning on living in the same dorm or house when you return, simply let us know the location of your new home and we will deliver your items there when you return to school.
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