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Why Use College Storage?

Parents these days only wish that student storage and shipping options like we have today existed in the years when they attended college.  With more and more going to college than ever before, and an even larger number attending schools outside of their hometowns, shipping and storage services for collegiates has never been in higher demand.  However, some of you may still be asking yourself if student storage is right for you.  Let’s take a look at some of the reasons that many other students from around the nation love school storage and why they use college storage options we have available.

First, let’s think of one of the possible reasons as to why someone would want storage or student shipping services in the first place.  I know that for myself personally, I would really like to not have to lug around a ton of boxes, nor do I want to make my parents or friends do it.  This is a huge advantage for many people.  Usually, moving into or out of a dorm or apartment can be a really frustrating experience.  We’d all rather spend this time enjoying our family’s company before they must leave and make the long trip home.  Student storage with Store4Summer allows this to happen.

Second, there’s nothing worse about moving then the hassle of unpacking.  Many times, college students are just going to take the exact same items that they packed up, back to their dorm rooms when the new semester begins again.  Plus, do you really want to take all your boxes on an airplane or have to lug them around on the bus ride?  I’m sure you’d also appreciate not having to play Tetris with heavy boxes in the family vehicle, trying to find space for people to sit during the long ride.  With student storage, you can leave all your belongings in the same city as your college, and then have it delivered directly to your place of residence when you return the following semester.

Finally, remember that most parents buy new items for their kids and have them brought into the dorms straight from the store of purchase.  What this means is that there is probably no extra space at home to hold any of the items purchased for the dorms or apartments.  This is where the drastic need for school storage and student shipping comes into play.  In today’s extreme mobile environment where efficiency is king, it only makes sense to eliminate hassle whenever you can and use college storage.

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